At this time we are not accepting insurance, we are working on getting credentialed with Aetna, Medicare, and Tricare. We will let you know when we are able to accept these forms of insurance.

Note: For hormone replacement meds or weight loss meds, most insurance will not cover them. Because of this, we work with a compounding pharmacy to keep costs low for these medications.


We collect payments at your first visit and set you up on monthly drafts.

  • Tier 1
    membership: 150 month
    Choice of psychiatry, hormone therapy or weight loss (excludes some wt loss meds such as Semaglutide), if Semaglutide is desired there will be an extra fee which is 150 month
  • Tier 2
    Choose two of the three services: 275/ month
    Semaglutide may be extra depending on dose and strength. Lower doses and starting doses are included in the membership fee.
  • Tier 3
    345 month
    All three services and all medications included

All tiers include:

1 monthly follow-up and a 1 hr initial appt. Except for the first month, 2 follow ups included. The second follow-up will be reviewing labs and finalizing a treatment plan.

Treatment planning

Lab orders to the lab of your choice / depending on the lab, some may be extra if your lab service doesn’t provide the specific lab
Diet plan for weight loss
Therapy included in the monthly follow up
Weight Loss medications that we include:
Semaglutide: curbs appetite and makes you feel full
Liraglutide: Tells your brain your stomach is full
Contrave: curbs cravings and appetite
Bupropion: curbs appetite
Topiramate: curbs appetite
Naltrexone: curbs cravings
Xenical: blocks 1/3 of fat absorption
Phone: (775) 899-1064
Fax: (775) 899-1058